Covid-19 - What we are doing?

Print & Product Ordering

We can collaborate on your order through a Zoom conference, phone call or email exchange. Zoom will allow the client to view cropping, layouts, etc. We have online invoice and payment capabilities and you can pick your order up without interaction or we can direct ship orders to your residence.

Session Planning

Planning for future sessions can start any time. Details can be ironed out through a Zoom session prior to the shoot. Zoom is ideal for this as it allows for sharing of our display screen and other items, while fully adhering to social distancing. For some people, this time of lower activity is an ideal time to get the planning started for a summer session.

Photo Sessions

Once social distancing restrictions lift for normal photography business, we will still want to be mindful of the situation and maintain appropriate distances during your session. We will work with you to create a safe plan for your session. We use slightly longer length lenses as part of our normal session anyway because they create more flattering photos. That also helps us maintain an appropriate distance while being close enough to communicate well. In short, we are well situated for this as part of what we normally do, but please be assured that we will be extra mindful for everyone's safety.

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