Light Painting 

We are currently offering a $50 discount to the Light Painting pricing shown below!!! 

•  $425 includes session and a metal print up to 12 x 18 size (bigger prints available)

•  $475 Same as above, also includes a digital image

•  Pricing covers most scenarios - cars, motorcycles, golf carts, small objects

•  Larger scenes may be more

•  Commercial shoots available (contact us for pricing)

Through light painting photography, we can turn an object into an unbelievable work of art! Examples include cars, motorcycles, RV’s, airplanes, interior objects and scenes. The base cost for most scenarios is $375 for the session and an included metal print up to 12x18 in size; $425 with the digital image also included. Bigger prints can also be purchased. Metal shows off light painting portraits in a spectacular way, but we can do other types of prints too. Larger scenes may have a different cost, but we would discuss that in advance.

The background and location for the portrait is important too and we consult in advance on the scene. For the session, we invite you to bring a beverage and pull up a lawn chair and watch the magic unfold! The work of art is achieved by taking many pictures after sunset or in the dark, with small sections lit up by light wands for each image. After the session, the whole set of images are pulled together to achieve a spectacular end result, turning a normal photo into a beautiful work of art! The session is usually about 1 hour.

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